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7” Vinyl Single  –  Date: 1 – 11 – 2019     
7” Black dinked vinyl 33rpm + 7” Clear vinyl 33rpm
LABEL: TheCampus: CAT: (CAMPUS 1)
ORDER from ROUGH TRADE (below)

This autumn I’ll be releasing some new music. Three new songs, each in the form of a letter. The first is a love-letter – to my favourite Beatle – Yoko Ono. The second is a letter, perhaps sick note, to my teenage self. The third is a letter of intent, to Donald Trump. More of that later. Here’s a bit about the Yoko song:


I was listening to the radio one day and the DJ mentioned ‘answer records’. He played ‘Oh, Carol’, Neil Sedaka’s big hit about Carole King which went to #1 on the Billboard Top One Hundred (1961).
Carole responded with an ‘answer record’, ‘Oh, Neil’, also a big hit, some months later. 

I was at school when I first heard John Lennon’s ‘Oh, Yoko’ from 
IMAGINE – which I took to be a kind of answer to ‘Oh, Carol’
I then read that John had liked Lonnie Donegan’s skiffle song ‘Lost John’
(1956), while to me ‘Oh Yoko’ sounded a little like ‘Oh, Carol’ and ‘Lost John’ combined, with its skiffle beat and tender lyric. I wondered why there’d never been an answer record to ‘Oh, Yoko’. So I’ve written one. ‘Yoko, Oh’ (the official answer to ‘Oh, Yoko’) will be released on Oct 1, in two vinyl ltd editions of 500, on David Camp’s new TheCampus label. 


* there is another connection: in 1975, Sedaka had a hit in the US with ‘The Immigrant’, dedicated to John Lennon and his ongoing battle to be allowed to remain in the US.

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