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12” vinyl album    Date: 9 – 7 – 2021
LABEL: TheCampus: CAT: (CAMPUS 15)
ORDER from ROUGH TRADE (below)


Tot Taylor’s new LP ‘FRISBEE’ is released 9-7-21 via @RoughTrade in the UK. Pre-Order direct from Rough Trade at their site www.roughtrade.com

‘Frisbee’ is a ‘heavee storee’ following on from Tot’s recent singles ‘Yoko, Oh’, ‘Featurette’ & ‘Baby, I Miss The Internet’.

A group of upbeat-sounding songs with downbeat subject matter, the LP begins with ‘National Music Day’ as Tot imagines a day when “the records start walkin’ & the DeeJays stop talkin’ “. The album closes with the elegiac ’Sunset Sound’ – “Jesus Christ, some groovy cat … punched me in the face when I mentioned that…” Other highlights, ‘Carsick’ about Tot’s hatred of the automobile and ‘Golden Waves’ – a song from schooldays he refers to as a “lullaby with guitars”.

Recorded at RAK London, mixed at RAK and at RIVERFISH in Cornwall, FRISBEE shimmers like a sonic ‘mobile’ in the noonday sun.

In macrobiotic (big life) terms, the act of ’throwing’ (as you ’throw’ a pot) is a creative one. So … Get ready, turn up the volume and CATCH!!

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