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7” vinyl single    Date: 23 – 10 – 2020
LABEL: TheCampus: CAT: (CAMPUS 7)
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I wrote the song ‘I’LL GO MY OWN WAY on my nightly ‘lockdown walks’ around NW5 this autumn.
This ‘excursion’ song has a ‘stream of consciousness’ lyric about these unaligned, and sometimes quite deranged, times.
Animation is by the director CHRIS GAVIN.
   I recorded it at SNAP STUDIOS, London, this time playing all the instruments myself due to COVID-19 restrictions. Recorded by Marco Pasquariello at SNAP, mixed by Robbie Nelson.
I recorded the B-side ON MY MIND at the legendary KLANGBILD studio in Berlin during my book tour there just pre-Covid. It was recorded by Sound-On-Sound magazine’s Mike Senior. It’s the last of four LTD EDITION vinyl 7” singles exclusive to ROUGH TRADE – each in the form of a letter. The first YOKO, OH is a love-letter – to my favourite Beatle – Yoko Ono. The second single FEATURETTE – another letter,  to my teenage self. The third, BABY, I MISS THE INTERNET, is a letter of intent, to Donald Trump. And I’LL GO MY OWN WAY is a ‘sick note’. 
I’LL GO MY OWN WAY will be released on 16 OCTOBER in one ‘ice-blue Vinyl Factory edition’ of 500 copies on David Camp’s 
new TheCampus label. 


Tot Taylor – London 2020


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